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Ted’s Woodworking offers thousands of professional & creative Woodworking Plans for Beginners and Pros alike.

Not only will you find the plan for your project quickly, you can also get many great ideas that you may not have thought of before.

When using any of his plans your project will not cost a ton of cash due inaccurate material specs or impractical design as is typical of most free plans. Professional guidance with high resolution video and PDF will leave nothing to chance and spare you the disappointment of a failed project.

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The entire Woodworking Plans Package includes:

  • 16,000 Plans and Projects
  • 150 Videos
  • Detailed Woodworking guides of professional quality
  • High Resolution Quality
  • CAD Software to modify a plan and get a modified material list
  • How to start a woodworking business tips


  • No hidden costs or extra charges
  • Instant access
  • Free Lifetime Membership Area
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Here a few of the 16,000 Woodworking Plans

  • bed frame plans
  • bunk bed plans
  • platform bed plans
  • picnic table plans
  • picnic bench plans
  • router table plans
  • coffee table plans
  • end table plans
  • sewing table plans
  • chair plans
  • shed plans
  • car port plans
  • deck plans
  • plans for children
  • and many, many more.

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 Woodworking Tools

If you are new in the woodworking business then you will probably appreciate a brief introduction to woodworking tools. Bear in mind that good tools and equipment make the work is so much more enjoyable.

The Hammer

A Hammer is a tool that no handy man can go without. Actually needless to say but for completion sake, you need a hammer to drive in or pull out nails with its claw and to work with a chisel. When buying one check the weight of the hammer. If it is too heavy for you its use will tire your wrist and arm and your handling will become inaccurate.


A carpenter cannot do without a square. Get a 6 inch and 12 inch. You will also need a square to draw straight lines or to line up joints of 90 degrees as you would have to when building a bed frame for instance.
Do not use this type of square if you want to square out the corner poles of a shed. Instead, use 2 measure tapes and set out a triangle whose sides are 3m x 4m x 5m. Such triangle has a perfect 90-degree angle where the 3m and 4m sides meet.

Chisel Set

You can buy a singe chisel or a set ranging from ¼ inch to 1 inch. You would rarely need a broader one. A chisel comes in handy if you want to clean out joint, mortises etc.


If you were into making furniture like a bed, chairs, tables, chests etc. you would not require a level really. On the hand, you would need one if you want to build a shed, carport or any such structures whose poles must be plumb. You may even need a short one, say 12 inches and a longer one, say 24 inches long.

Power tools

These days about every woodworker has a few power tools to make his or her job easier. These tools are also great timesavers because they get the job done so much quicker.

Circular Saw

You can perform most woodcutting with an electrically powered circular saw. If you got one you would hardly need a handsaw. Some circular saws can be clamped down and thus turned into a table saw. A circular saw will save you much time and produce a better cut than a hand saw. You can use a special tungsten blade that will give you a clean cut on both sides even on a melamine board. A handsaw will not do that for you.

The Electric Wood Plainer

Electric Wood Planers are hand held so called power planers used to plane wood down to a specific depth or the smooth, level or taper a wood surface. If you are used to conventional planers you will be amazed at the  efficiency of a power planer. You must however be careful not set the planer to deep. Rather start of with a shallow depth and get a feel of the planer’s character. Else you could take off too much wood and ruin the wood.

Power Sander

There are two types of hand held electrically driven sanders available, e.g. the orbital sander and the belt sander. Both help the woodworker to smooth off a wood surface much faster and easier than doing it by hand. The orbital sander rotates a sanding pad in orbital motion. The belt sander motions a abrasive belt and is much more powerful. This tool cannot only smooth off a surface but take off some material. Both sanders are equipped with a dust bags to absorb the dust.

Power Screw Driver

While a normal screwdriver is useful for a minute job but you will appreciate a power screwdriver when you want to drive numerous screws. Power screwdrivers come in corded and cordless models. Most tool manufacturers offer both types because of their huge popularity. The cordless screwdriver is especially helpful since you would not be limited by the range of a cord nor by the need for a nearby power plug. The battery of a cordless screwdriver provides enough power to perform a common woodworking task. However, it is advisable to have a fully charged spare battery at hand. The point or bid of a power screwdriver is replaceable because you get several types of wood screws with unique heads. Generally you will find a suitable screwdriver point in a new box of power wood screws. Power screws are superior to the conventional slid type screws but you cannot drive them effectively with a conventional screwdriver.

Power Drill

Similar to power screwdrivers power drills come in corded and cordless models. Corded drills are generally used in workshops as hand drills or mounted in a stand where a cord and a nearby power plug are not restricting. Cordless drills are more flexible. They are driven by a rechargeable battery that has enough power for an hour’s work. When working with a cordless tool always keep a fully charged spare battery nearby in case the job takes a little longer.

Power Jigsaw

There is no tool better and faster than a power jigsaw when you want to cut a square or round hole in a wooden board, or a sheet of metal or plastic. The latter would require you to replace the woodcutting blade with a metal cutting blade. You can of course use it also to cut out any patterns other than a round disk. There are numerous tool manufacturers such as DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee and Hitachi that offer power jigsaws. Some manufactures cater for the professionals with very durable and more expensive machines. Others make machines for the hobbyist. Very important is the availability of spares, especially carbon brushes.


This machine is indispensable for anyone who wants to cut box joints, dovetails, dadoes, grooves, mortises and the like. Routers come in 2 versions. The motor of the plunge version router slides up and down inside a frame. The motor of the fixed base type router stays in one place.

Other Tools

There are of course numerous other tools used in woodworking but the above listed are the most commonly used ones.

Others would be the spray paint gun with compressor, the wood lathe to name but two.

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